“PROJECT DREAM - Developing a Respectful Europe Against RoMa discriminations and social exclusion”- 601619-CITIZ-1-2018-1-IT-CITIZ-CIV. KICK OFF MEETING IN ISERNIA (ITALY)
On 26 and 27 October 2018 the partners of the Project DREAM - Developing a Respectful Europe Against RoMa discriminations and social exclusion (601619-CITIZ-1-2018-1-IT-CITIZ-CIV) will meet in Isernia (Italy) for the first time to discuss on Roma social exclusion and integration possibilities, and share international good practices.
The DREAM project aims, through the creation of a European network of local associations and a municipality, at reflecting on contemporary forms of socio-cultural exclusion and stigmatization of Roma and Sinti ethnic minority groups in Europe, realising concrete action to promote social inclusion and fight professional and social exclusion by:
- Training social workers and operators (at least 70) as well as teachers of secondary schools (at least 70) regard to the main Roma cultural and social issues and problems.
- Exchanging good practices in all the partner countries, to foster Roma socio-cultural inclusion and to fight marginality suffered by them.
- Building counter-narratives on Roma culture, with a double goal: to empower the sense of European identity among the same Roma and Sinti people, and to make citizens know the history of this people.
Partners of the project are the following Institutions:
1) Romano Pijats Societa Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS, Project Leader, Italy
2) Comune di Isernia, Partner, Italy
3) Liberalna Alternativa Za Rosmko Grazhdansko Obedinenie, Partner, Bulgaria
4) Nvo Prerodba, Partner, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
5) Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty Of History And Philosophy, Department Of International Studies And Contemporary History, Partner, Romania
6) Savez Roma U Republici Hravatskoj “KALI SARA”, Partner, Zagreb
7) IASIS, Partner, Greece
8) Asociacion Bienestar Y Desarrollo, Partner, Barcellona
9) EPEKA Slovenia
10) Epeka Serbia
11) Epeka Montenegro

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